What role does privacy play in TJ Media?

  1. Four types of invasion of privacy:
    1. Public Disclosure of Private and Embarrassing Facts
      1. People have the right to a “reasonable expectation of privacy”
      2. We all need a place to go for privacy or to keep things to ourselves
      3. What’s NOT private?
        1. Information disclosed publicly to, for example, dozens of friends and/or teachers
        2. Information that can be obtained legally from public records
      4. IMPORTANT: truth is not a defense here.
    2. Intrusion
      1. Based not on WHAT you published, but HOW you obtained the information.
      2. Publication of information is NOT required
      3. Three types of invasion:
        1. Trespassing
        2. Secret Surveillance
        3. Misrepresentation: misrepresenting yourself to gain access to a private place or person
      4. Where on campus is there NO reasonable expectation of privacy?
        1. Hallways
        2. Sidewalks
        3. Athletic fields
        4. Commons areas
        5. Cafeteria
        6. Classrooms (with permission of teacher)
      5. IMPORTANT: You have the right to photograph anything from a public spot that you can see with the naked eye
      6. Where on campus is there SIGNIFICANT expectation of privacy?
        1. Locker rooms
        2. Clinic
        3. Private offices
        4. Bathrooms
    3. Misappropriation: Unauthorized use of a person’s name, photograph, likeness, voice or endorsement to promote the sale of a commercial product or service.

For more information:

See More Legal Issue FAQ’s

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