Workflow and Organization

User Roles

  • Administrator – EICs and Ms. Harris
  • Editor – Rest of the leadership team
  • Author – staffers enrolled in Journalism 1-4
  • Contributor – 8th period staffers Publication FAQs

Where do ideas come from?

Well, what do YOU want to write about? What do you care about? Write about that!

If you still don’t know what to write about, check the “Master Online Article Idea List.”

If you still don’t know what to write about, check the school calendar and see what’s happening.

If you still don’t know what to write about, see what people are talking about on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

If you STILL don’t know what to write about, check with your team leader and brainstorm different article ideas.

I have an idea. Now what?

  1. RESEARCH. Figure out the 5W’s and H of your story. Figure out who you need to interview. Figure out what you need to know in order to write questions that will get you to the “Why and How” with your interview subject.
  2. Check in with your team leader.
  3. INTERVIEW. Make sure you know the facts in advance – no need to ask those questions. Make sure they know that you might have follow-up questions.
  4. Check in with your team leader.
  5. BE THERE. If you’re writing about a sporting event, go before, during, and after. If it’s an orchestra concert, same thing. Take a camera.
  6. Check in with your team leader.
  7. If you haven’t noticed, there should be frequent check-ins with your team leader before you’re done with the story.

What do you do when you’re done with your story?

  1. Share the story and the featured image (with caption) with your team leader BY THE DEADLINE THEY GIVE YOU. A story is only successfully completed if completed by the deadline.
  2. Make any edits the team leaders has for you within 24-hours of receipt.
  3. Share on your own social media accounts; if you’re very proud of the story, talk to the social media editor and convince them to share via official tjTODAY accounts.
  4. Move onto the next one!

So you’re a team leader. What’s your job?

  1. During class: work on print design work, your own articles, enrolled staffers’ work.
  2. During 8th period
    1. Hold team meetings
    2. Assign articles as necessary.
    3. Guide staffers through the writing process.
    4. Edit staffer articles through conferencing.
  3. On your own time
    1. Edit staffer articles via comments on Google Docs
    2. Your own work

Hey Ms. Harris. What exactly is it that YOU do?

  1. Guide you when leadership doesn’t have the answers.
  2. Help you through complicated and/or controversial stories.
  3. Make sure that everyone has the resources they need to be successful.
  4. Feed you. Feed you lots.


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