As a responsible leader in TJ Media, it is important that you are aware of and work within your rights as a member of the press. Without the First Amendment (and a thorough knowledge of what it means for you), it is very difficult to do our jobs. TJ Media is the official media organization... Continue Reading →


As a member of the TJ Media leadership team, you have additional responsibilities to your staff, the school community, and your adviser. Here, you will find your Top Ten Responsibilities in no particular order. To Your Community: Perform the basic service of news. Don't make things up. Earn the trust of your reader. Uphold the... Continue Reading →


Part of responsible leadership is being approachable and available to your staff writers throughout the writing process. One of the most important stages in that process is the writing workshop/revision process. Being an editor at any level is about more than grammar, spelling, mechanics and punctuation. As a member of a publications editorial team, your... Continue Reading →


No matter your role on staff, you are a leader in the school building by virtue of your responsibility to get the community the information they need in order to make informed decisions. In an era where anything can be labeled as "fake news," the best way to combat the accusation is through evidence-based, researched... Continue Reading →

tjTODAY.org Production Schedule

Staff writers are required to complete one online post a week. This does not necessarily need to be an article; students can select whatever type of online post they'd like. You can find more ideas here. On Fridays by the end of class, students will fill out the Google Form below to let the editorial... Continue Reading →

TJTV Production Schedule

TJTV produces the Monday Morning Video Announcements, content for tjTODAY.org, and standalone content for the tjTODAY YouTube Channel. Individual projects for tjTODAY.org and the YouTube channel have flexible deadlines, but the production schedule for the video announcements is on a weekly cycle. Monday: announcements air at the beginning of 1st period planning for the next... Continue Reading →

TJ Yearbook Production Schedule

The yearbook is created over the course of an entire calendar year. The 300+ pages are submitted to the plant five times over the course of the year, with a sixth deadline for the spring supplement. The planning stages being in May - almost immediately after we finish the previous year's book. Throughout the summer,... Continue Reading →

tjTODAY Production Schedule

We produce a 32-page magazine every four-to-six weeks. This production schedule takes us through a five-week cycle, from the planning stages to prepping articles for simultaneous online publication. Planning Editors-in-chief will lead a full-class meeting where they begin to plan out the next issue of the magazine. They brainstorm on the whiteboard at the front... Continue Reading →

Writing Headlines

The purpose of a headline can change depending on the publication medium. If you're writing a news headline, it needs to be a summary of your story. If it's the only thing a reader looks at - if they don't click the link and dive into the story - they need to know as many... Continue Reading →

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